Mermaid Class

Become a mermaid with Dory

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Join the Dory Try Mermaid class and make your dreams come true! You will complete a mermaid experience with a professional in a pool and learn entry-level mermaid skills, including swimming with a mermaid monofin. It is the perfect program to do before joining our Dory Mermaid course. Register your trial class today!

Learn how to become a mermaid with the exciting Dory Mermaid program! This mermaid training provides all the skills and techniques you need to maximize your mermaid experience, be truly comfortable in the water and get the most out of your equipment. After getting experienced as a Dory Mermaid, the next logical step is to take your mermaid adventures to our wonderful oceans! Get started today!

Mermaid Requirement

The basic requirements to join the class:

  • 10 years old & above
  • Ability to swim Freestyle or Breaststroke independently

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