Baby & Toddler Lessons: 6 months - 5 year's old

It is never too early to start introducing your infant to water! Our infant swimming courses allow parents to bond with their children while also teaching them about water safety.

Teaching Water Safety with our Indoor Baby Swimming Lessons

Our 30-minute swimming courses will not only teach children life-saving techniques, but they will also help them improve their coordination and balance, as well as grow stronger muscles. We have four major levels of children’s swimming classes to accommodate your child’s age and experience level.

Benefits of getting a swim lesson for your little one

a) Reduce The Risk of Drowning

b) Increase Appetite & Sleep

c) Bonding & Social Skills

d) Improve Muscle & Strength

e) Promote Body Coordination & Balance

f) Improve Confidence

The majority of infant programmes include activities like singing, playing in the water, and cuddling with parents or other caregivers. Children engage in conversation with the teacher and one another as they start to learn how to work in groups. These factors, along with the enjoyment of mastering a new ability, may help your child feel more confident.

e) Increase Quality Family Time

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